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Could letting students go to recess before lunch help kids appreciate their fruits and vegetables?

At this grocery store you can buy exactly what you need, thereby diminishing food waste.

This ambitious goal would see our carbon footprint cut in half in 15 years.

Obama Administration Teams with Private Sector to Cut US Food Waste in Half
A new study shows that when we waste meat, it has a much more substantial negative environmental impact than wasting greens
Most consumers do not strictly abide by sell-by and use-by dates, research shows
Late-night host John Oliver slammed Americans for wasting food: “We all have to address our relationship with food waste”
The idea is that expired foods could be used into a food powder
The bill says that manufacturers could advertise non-GMO ingredients, rather than having individual labeling laws
BuyMeBy allow shoppers to see when food is expiring and snatch it up at a cheaper price