# food waste

A new anecdotal survey from University of Arizona claims that the average American throws away 10 percent of food purchases
In a move to reduce waste, the city of Hamburg, Germany, has banned the use of single-use coffee pods in state-run buildings
French supermarkets 4,305 square feet or larger will be required to donate unsold food, or else face hefty fines
Save money and act sustainably with these uses for table scraps
Changing a few pre-vacation habits can save money and food
A couple spent six months eating food that was in the garbage or headed there, and took home at least $20,000 in free food
You won't believe how much food is wasted every year

Different from expiration dates, “best before” dates relate only to quality, not safety.

“The path out of poverty is proving to be too slow for too many,” Ban said of the wide gap between food wasters and the food-insecure.

The grant has allowed the group to gain more community support and develop an app that shows people where to donate food