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The proposed change comes with a 30 percent decrease in the SNAP budget
The store is free of checkout lines and… low-income shoppers?
Sponsors of the bill say they hope it will encourage healthier choices
The proposed federal budget that has been in the works since March would shrink funding for food stamps by $193 billion
Amazon and other online grocery retailers will soon start accepting food stamps thanks to a new USDA initiative
House Republicans are looking to overhaul welfare reforms, one of the changes being limited SNAP spending
The backs of Maine’s food-stamp cards have a phone number that erroneously directs callers to a sex chat line
The USDA’s new stricter rules would increase larger stores’ share in the $74 billion program at the expense of smaller stores
Governor Paul LePage claims the White House lets powerful food groups take advantage of food stamp system
A 36-year-old Florida man raided the auto dealership where his offer to pay for a BMW with food stamps was denied