As the E. coli outbreak expands and more people get sick, General Mills has recalled more flour
The compromise comes after a controversial bill passed in Vermont requiring all packaged GMO foods to be labeled
Fast food giants are creating natural products to sell to health-aware millennials at the heart of their consumer bases
The FDA is warning Whole Foods about its serious food safety violations and sanitation issues at its food prep headquarters
The AspireAssist was approved by the FDA in an effort to combat obesity, but not without its share of controversy
An investigator has concluded that on the whole, the FDA issues recalls of tainted food products much later than necessary
Guidelines set targets to gradually reduce sodium amounts in processed and prepared foods
New label signifies the first major changes in over 20 years
The FDA sent a warning label to KIND to remove the word healthy from its packaging, and has now gone back on the decision
Congress directs FDA to create a testing system for all imported olive oils to avoid fraudulent labeling