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The eggplant battle cost more than $8,000 in public funds over the years
Now all your eggplant dreams can finally come true!
You’d have to eat a ton of it
It’s easy to think of eggplant as a vegetable because we find it in so many savory dishes, but eggplant is a fruit
An elegant and flavorful dip that rivals even the best hummus
Recipe excerpted from The Meat Free Monday Cookbook
Paleo recipe complete with eggplant slices for “noodles,” the meaty Italian red sauce and creamy coconut milk “béchamel”
Grilling eggplant brings out an insane level of natural sweetness, there’s not a grain of salt or sugar added to this recipe.
The eggplant in this dish pairs well with the earthy, nutty flavor of tahini
A new hybrid plant from a seed manufacturing company is capable of growing eggplants and potatoes at the same time