# Duff Goldman

The celebrated baker exercises and eats ‘cleanly’ in order to feel better
Donald Trump cut into a cake commissioned to look exactly like the one at Barack Obama’s second inauguration
Goldman even welded a copper kitten to serve as the wine’s label inspiration
Carrie Welch, then-vice president of public relations for Food Network, had to step in as a bodyguard
All of the proceeds from the event were donated to support the homeless
The channel will include a show on customized cakes for YouTube stars, how-to videos, pranks, and baking fails
Chef Frank Pugliese shares his unique perspective on the St Croix Food & Wine Experience
Chef Art Smith Will Throw a Free Wedding for 101 Gay Couples, Including a Cake from Duff Goldman

We’re frankly a little disappointed that the Ace of Cakes decided not to sport an emo haircut. 

The Ace of Cakes is also pretty stellar at sizzling summer sides. Who knew?