# Doritos

"Dewitos" soda is not just an Internet legend
Sounds like a wackier version of a Fritos pie to us.
Doesn’t just about everything taste better with some crunchy, salty, cheesy goodness
We’ve got the inside scoop on how to make these tasty chips at home
Doritos Roulette is a new Doritos variety that puts 25 percent extremely spicy chips in a bag of normal nacho-flavored Doritos
Are you ready for some bold Spicy Street Taco Doritos?
7-Eleven now carries Doritos Loaded, basically deep-fried Doritos bites stuffed with cheese
Will you be the lucky one to find the golden Dorito?
Between deep-frying your spam into fries and shot glasses made from chocolate chip cookies, this is truly a time to enjoy food
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