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The White House claims the move was intended to make the event ‘more personal than political’
Soy, almond, flax, coconut, but none of them actually come from cows
The proposed Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act will make it cheaper to produce wine with high alcohol content
The Affordable Care Act required all fast-food chain restaurants to list their calorie counts
After months of debate, a compromise in GMO labeling means the bill finally passes, but leaves a bitter taste in our mouths
The measure, which has broad bipartisan support, would introduce federal regulations to expiration dates on food packages
People are ordering pizza and snacks for the House Democrats who have initiated a rare sit-in over gun control
Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack added his support for a national, mandatory GMO labeling law, calling on Congress to act
Congress directs FDA to create a testing system for all imported olive oils to avoid fraudulent labeling
General Mills will voluntarily label its GMO ingredients across all 50 states, though so far it is only legally required to do s