# Coke

Coca-Cola worked closely with a non-profit group to fight ’public health extremists,’ emails between the companies show
Don’t feel too bad for Coca-Cola and Pepsi yet, as they own Dasani, Smartwater, ad Aquafina.
The company pledged to continue its water restoration efforts after meeting the goal
The beverage giant has hired scientists to promote a message of exercise over diet, complete with funding and other resources
Many of the claims in the infographic published by the Renegade Pharmacist were either exaggerated or straight-up incorrect
Coca-Cola just tweeted out their new personalized Coke bottle options for the ‘“Share a Coke With’” marketing campaign
These are the world's biggest food processors that produce most of the food that we consume daily
Pepsi will take over the food and drink program of the National Basketball Association
As Americans continue to reject artificial sweeteners, Diet Coke sales have fallen considerably