# Coke

The company says it continues to plan on becoming a ‘total beverage company’
The President uses the secret button on the Resolute Desk to order a Coke, as revealed in an Associated Press interview
A Nigerian court ruled that the high levels of benzoic acid and artificial coloring in Sprite and Fanta are ‘poisonous’
The brand teamed up with ad agency Santo to launch the new spot this week
The fast-food giant has revealed why the iconic soft drink really shines at its restaurants
A single can of Coke has 39 grams of sugar, about 14 grams more than WHO says we should consume all day, so why the support?
Coca-Cola Plus, originally tested in Japan, is being dubbed ‘the healthiest soda you can buy’
Cherry Blossom Coke and Cherry Coke are completely different things
The Center for Science in the Public Interest sued Coca-Cola for ‘misleading marketing’ and deceptive health information
The Coca-Cola selfie bottle is a real thing for Israeli Coke fans: Take a selfie while you sip