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A manager at a Wisconsin McDonald’s was arrested for issuing fake refunds on Big Macs that were never actually enacted
Be prepared for grilling season by reviewing these heartburn triggers
The new Burger King Bacon Feast menu with Baconnaise, bacon cheese bites, and more is only available in the UK
Google had to shut down an invasive Burger King ad that would ‘wake up’ you smart device to read the Whopper Wikipedia page
Impossible Foods is opening up shop in Oakland, Calif., and will continue to expand to restaurants nationwide
The newly crowned most expensive burger in the world was auctioned to raise money at a breast cancer research event
The Burger Cheesebomb at Maxwell’s in London seems to be fit for Instagram likes, rather than an actual edible meal
Flippy is the burger-flipping robot developed by Miso Robotics that just made its debut at a fast-food joint this month
McDonald’s has released the Yakkii Burger (pronounced like “yucky” in English) made with pork fried with ginger
Inmates at a German prison are getting the fast-food treatment after a food supply contract was not renewed