# Antibiotics

Pizza Hut is the latest fast food chain to lean towards ‘clean’ cuisine by punishing artificial ingredients and growth hormones
The FDA is close to outlawing carbadox, an antibiotic used often by pig breeders, because of the drug’s carcinogenic properties
In-N-Out has pledged to switch over to meat raised without the use of antibiotics, bowing to pressure from customers
Subway is introducing antibiotic-free meats to its menu starting with this slow-cooked rotisserie chicken breast
Drug-resistant superbugs, including tuberculosis and gonorrhea, may have met their match in this breast milk protein
Since 2009, the meat industry’s usage of antibiotics on their animals has grown 22 percent, despite FDA warnings
A new report from the Academy of Pediatrics confirms severity of antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Antibiotics, which should be used sparingly to treat infections, have been making children gain weight faster
Fast food shareholders are urging McDonald’s to understand dangerous double-standards of antibiotics usage

Antibiotics plump up our chicken and beef, but they could also be dangerous for us in the long run.