# Ansel

The latest offering from the Cronut Guy is an upscale bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich with a side of truffled hashbrowns

We’re pretty jealous that Japanese cronut fans will get to experience the beauty of an edible good luck cat.

Dominique Ansel has revealed his recipe
We definitely think that the creamy raspberry dipping sauce should be used as a cronut filling.
The blackberry corn cake is light enough for summer, but sweet enough to be worth standing in line for hours.
Mama Mia! We need to get down to Philly ASAP to sample these donnoli!
Would you pay thousands of dolalrs just for a box of cookie shots? Good news is, the money all went to a great cause.
Free Cronuts Today to Anyone Who Can Find the Cronut Rabbit
Cronuts and ice cream? That's what's on the menu at Disney's Epcot. Count us in.