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The only thing scarier than Halo Top’s sales numbers is this new commercial
In a British McDonald’s commercial, a young boy’s love of the Filet-o-Fish helps him cope with his father’s death
Palestinians called for a boycott of Pizza Hut after the chain published an insensitive ad about a prison hunger strike
A new marketing strategy has Budweiser giving out beer to homeless people on the streets of Liverpool
Burger King has been asked to apologize for trying to edit the Whopper Wikipedia page after the Google Home ad was released
A survey of 2,200 American adults from Morning Consult showed that they actually liked the controversial ad
Google had to shut down an invasive Burger King ad that would ‘wake up’ you smart device to read the Whopper Wikipedia page
Budweiser’s new commercial strikes a controversial chord by telling the story of its founder, a German immigrant
In a largely publicized move, Kraft-Heinz is hoping for a big win with this cheaper decision
Cinnabon apologized for tweeting out an insensitive memorial after the announcement of Carrie Fisher’s death