Frankenstorm Mixology: How To Use What's In Your Liquor Cabinet

The bottled water's off the shelves, the flashlights are ready to be used, and the wind's blowing up a storm. Hurricane Sandy, aka Frankenstorm, aka the end of the world, is inching (OK, speeding) its way up the Northeast, and everyone is concerned about what to eat during the storm. 

While The Daily Meal has you covered for what foods to be making during the storm, we also want to cover your bases for your drinks. Because what else can you do when the power goes and the winds are blowing? Assuming you have all your emergency preparations in place — seriously, we're not advocating drunkeness over safety — here's how to prepare for the storm with your liquor cabinet. 

• Obviously, if the power goes out, your fridge and freezer are at risk. That's when we recommend getting out all the essentials for your cocktails quickly: egg whites, cream, fruits, berries, and other mixology needs. Once you take out everything you need, you'll at least have enough cocktail ingredients to last the storm. 

• Of course, the most vulnerable ingredient of all once the power goes out is your ice. Use the smaller ice cubes first, as they'll melt the fastest; save the larger ice cubes for a whiskey nightcap later on. Your best bet for long-lasting drinks are whiskey cubes, if you have them on hand. 

• Once your cocktails are gone, start with the beer — after all, you know those will quickly get cold. And then that's when you can bust open the Scotch and red wine, as those don't need to be chilled. (Might we recommend a screw-cap wine for easy opening in the dark?) 

For some Frankenstorm inspiration, try the Frankenstorm, Bride of Frankenstorm, and Eye of the Storm cocktails. Let them be a good distraction from the howling winds outside.