Smelly Meat Sparks Terrorism Fears on French Train

Police evacuated a train car over weapon fears because of some smelly food
Head cheese


Police were called and 250 people evacuated from a high-speed train in France over a suspicious smell that turned out to be some very stinky meat. 

About 250 startled people were evacuated from a high-speed train in France on Friday after a mysterious and unpleasant stench sparked fears of a bomb or chemical weapon on the train, but it turned out someone was just carrying some really smelly food.

According to The Local, the high-speed TGV train from Brussels to Marseille was stopped and separated after some passengers noticed and reported a “suspicious gas smell.”

Out of fear that the smell might be related to something dangerous or part of a terrorist attack, the train was stopped and split up. Half the train went on to Marseille, while 250 people evacuated were evacuated from the other part. The Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Risk unit even came to search the train.

Those weapons experts quickly tracked the source of the smell to a passenger’s suitcase. It turns out someone was carrying a large amount of fermented food, and a big container of particularly smelly fermented meat was putting off the unpleasant aroma that scared everyone so badly.


After the meat was discovered, all the passengers were allowed back on the train and were able to continue to their destination.