4 Wines That Taste Like Halloween Candy

Classic wines from the world's premier regions have consistent smells and tastes that define the wine's personality. Holidays are the same way. Thanksgiving recalls the flavors of pumpkin soup and sugary pecan pies. Christmas evokes fruitcake and green-and-red frosted cookies. Halloween, naturally, is all about candy. 

Now imagine finding those characteristic holiday flavors in wine– a hint of Twizzler on the nose, Bit-o-Honey on the back of your palate. Amid the excitement of jack-o-lanterns, black hats, bloody daggers, and haunted houses, here are four wines that taste like Halloween.


Wine: The Protagonist

Grape(s): Shiraz

Producer: Hesketh

Location: Barossa Valley, Australia

Recommended Year: 2008

Market Price: Under $20

Halloween Candy Taste-alike: York Peppermint Pattie


Wine: Savennières, Le Bel Ouvrage

Grape(s): Chenin Blanc

Producer: Damien Laureau

Location: Savennières, Loire Valley, France

Recommended Year: 2002

Market Price: Under $30

Halloween Candy Taste-alike: Bit-o-Honey


Wine: Priorat, Prior

Grape(s): Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah

Producer: Scala Dei

Location: La Conreria de Scala Dei, Priorat, Spain

Recommended Year: 2004

Market Price: Under $30

Halloween Candy Taste-alike: Red and Black Twizzlers


Wine: Pinot Gris

Grape(s): Pinot Gris

Producer: Albert Boxler

Location: Alsace, France

Recommended Year: 2007

Market Price: Under $30

Halloween Candy Taste-alike: Peach Jolly Ranchers