The Four Horsemen Ride Through San Antonio at Chunky's

Chunky's Burgers creates the hottest burger you'll every try

The Four Horseman Challenge at Chunky's could be considered insane by some.

Do you laugh when you hear the word jalapeño? Do you roll your eyes when people talk about how spicy that serrano was, and are chile pequins just your idea of a breath mint? If so, then we may have found the food challenge for you.

Chunky’s Burgers is known in San Antonio for its burgers, but it’s the Four Horseman challenge that has really put this place on the map. The Four Horsemen challenge is a celebration of pain, a festival of hurt that no mere mortal should ever attempt. But if the bragging rights to having vanquished what is arguably the hottest burger on the planet and all of the glory that goes along with it are what you crave, then head down to San Antonio and test your mettle.

Here’s what you will be up against: A burger covered in a habanero sauce, fresh serrano and jalapeño peppers, and of course the much feared Bhut Jolokia, also known as the Ghost Pepper. Why does this particular pepper induce such dread? Consider the facts: the habanero pepper tips the Scoville scale (that’s the system used to measure a pepper’s heat) at around 500,000 units. The Ghost Pepper destroys that measure by going over 1,000,000 units. To put that in perspective, a good friend of mine once tried a bite of the Ghost Pepper. She said her ears rang so badly that she lost her hearing for around 20 minutes. That’s what you’ll be putting in your face, voluntarily, and you must complete it in 25 minutes or you lose. And as if that torture was not enough, if you should complete the burger you have to wait for five additional minutes without any remedies to be declared the victor.


If you think you’ve got it in you to stop the Four Horsemen’s ride, then head on out, sign your waiver (required), and give it a try, for glory and immortality await!