With Forkly, Now You Can 'Love' Your Favorite Restaurants

Since launching in August 2011, Forkly has been providing restaurant lovers around the world with an attractive way to discover and share the best food and drink around, through an easy-to-use and easy-on-the-eyes iPhone app.  By focusing on individual likes and dislikes, it's a great way to get restaurant recommendations no matter where you are, simply based on the restaurants and dishes you're a fan of in your own city. Think of it as a personal rating card with a great recommendation engine that also helps build communities around specific restaurants and dishes.

Well, now they've taken it one step further, adding in the option to "love" restaurants, dishes, and drinks. Through this new layer, fans can share with others places and dishes that they really care about, and are allowed 140 characters to explain why. Think of it as a holiday gift to your favorite restaurants.

And thanks to their search algorithm, "loving" a restaurant provides the app with the ability to highly promote similar restaurants, be it in your city or others you visit around the world.

The app is free, and can be downloaded through the iTunes store. An Android app is in the works as well.