Ford Unleashes the First 'Bacon-Wrapped Car'

The Ford Fiesta was 'wrapped' in honor of International Bacon Day

The 'Bacon Fiesta' is a real car, that's actually for sale.

Has bacon officially jumped the shark?

Earlier this week, Ford unveiled the first-ever "bacon-wrapped car," in anticipation of Saturday’s International Bacon Day. The 2014 Fiesta has been decked out in what looks like giant strips of bacon, from front to back. And it’s not just a one-off gimmick; this car and others like it will actually be put up for sale, and "there are several bacon options to choose from — from the full wrap for the hardcore set, to the Bacon Racing Strips," according to a release.

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To lend some extra credibility to the car, and "to ensure we were treating the bacon with proper respect, Benton Country Hams owner and undisputed 'King of Bacon' Allan Benton approved the final design," it continued. "So, we’re confident that it’s as legit as it can be for the legions of bacon fans out there."

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These custom graphics, created by Ford Custom Graphics and 3M Custom Wraps, are just one example of a slew of exterior vinyl wraps that Ford offers, but this one is certainly the most outlandish. Which begs two questions: One, would you drive a bacon-wrapped car? And two, does this signal the beginning of the end for the "everything must be bacon-wrapped" craze?