Foosball Tables by Teckell are Handmade in Italy and Plated with 24k Gold


Foosball tables are usually reserved for the dorm room, or the kitchen if you're obsessed with Friends, but Teckell produces models that would fit into any décor scheme. Handmade in Italy, the six different models that make up their collection all us crystal glass as the basis for the table, giving the traditional look a completely updated style.

The Cristallino table is made almost entirely using crystal glass, even the legs, and features aluminum accents for the game mechanics. If you like the transparency, you can choose to have the "playing field" made using glass too, instead of the classic green. For those who like a little more flash, upgrade to the Gold LE, which has its accessories plated in 24k gold and is limited to 50 models.

The Contropiede has wood legs for a more classic look, which you can also get in white and black - each one with matching foosball handles. Angolo brings in walnut wood and a more rounded leg design, while 90° Minuto is a modern wood design that brings in many more details than the previous models (like etched rings around the handles). 

Lastly, the Intervallo is a dual purpose model that you can actually use as a coffee table when you're not deep in a competition. It comes in walnut or ash.

Prices start at $7,000.