Foodstagramming: Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer


If you’re a fellow Instagrammer like myself, you’ve probably noticed there’s one thing that nearly everyone with an account will snap pics of: food. Whether it’s breakfast, a fancy dinner from abroad or a Starbucks red cup (thank god they’re back), everyone will take a moment to pick out a filter and share what’s on the table. At first glance, this seems totally normal.  Who doesn’t love looking at pictures of drool-inducing meals? Still, I can’t help but wonder why people love to share their every meal when instead they could be… ya know… eating it.

As it turns out, those who share photos of their delicious edibles are actually doing us all a little dieting favor. Studies have found that looking at pictures of food can actually make you less hungry since your brain experiences boredom after looking at the food for so long. So in essence, your brain is getting full rather than your stomach. Which is pretty trippy.

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But the question still remains: what’s the attraction of uploading a picture of your beautiful meal when its fate is to be eaten and therefore destroyed?

As far as I can tell, social media has taught us to publish our every move for the rest of the world to soak in. And, all things considered, food is a huge (let’s be honest — the best) part of someone’s day-to-day adventures. Sometimes, though, it just seems cruel to look at a picture of a mouth-watering dessert or a savory meal from your favorite restaurant that you aren’t enjoying.

If you’re prepared for the potential sadness that may come from looking at delicious pixels, there are endless Instagram accounts that fulfill any sudden craving, for example Love Food or the locally famous Sava’s.

Whether you’re an avid Instagrammer or a foodie just trying to vicariously experience the delight of a good meal, look not further than a photo. As science would have it, turns out a picture is worth a thousand bites, too.

Bah-dum tsh.

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