Foods You Should Never Eat Before Boarding a Plane

Jet Bloat is a real struggle

You may not want to drink that beer before boarding.


They sound like a healthy snack, but these little babies will bloat you and make you feel, erm, gassy — and no one wants a gassy plane mate.


Need we say more? We didn’t think so.


You need to stay hydrated when we are flying, and coffee does the exact opposite, and on top of that, it’s a major bloaters. And anyway, aren’t plane rides for catching up on some much-needed sleep? Caffeine might not be the best choice. 


Not a good move. Not only will consuming too much alcohol lead you to that never-ending battle of breaking the seal, but it will dehydrate you, bloat you, and leave you feeling a bit nauseous. 

Sugar-free candy

It won’t seem so sweet once you’re on the plane. Sugar-free candy is known not only to bloat but also to have a laxative effect on the body. You probably don’t want to spend your flight in the bathroom.  

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