Foods You Should Never Bring on Planes (and Some You Should)

How to not turn your fellow passengers into enemies
Garlic: not plane friendly

Garlic: not plane friendly

There is a reason that Amtrak is reporting a steady increase in passengers in recent years. It’s because flying gives people a headache. From the TSA to multi-hour delays, airline travel is not often relaxing or glamorous. But there is one courtesy we can all afford to give our fellow passengers to make sure that, in the face of taxing travel situations, we’re all still in this together. And that one courtesy is not bringing foods on the plane that will piss off everyone around you.

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Whether it’s the scent of your delicious McDonald’s french fries making everyone in your cabin green with envy or the smell of your garlic dipping sauce making them green with nausea, the foods you bring on a plane can either make everyone’s travel headaches better or worse. We all know that food served on airplanes is not always "edible," so bringing something more delicious is advisable. But as you’re planning ahead, keep in mind what effect your meal will have on other travelers. If you’re debating between two items, think of which one you wouldn’t want to eat on a date — that’s the one you shouldn’t bring on a plane.

Anything with garlic should be off limits automatically, and the same goes for an excess of onions. Stinky cheeses are among life’s great pleasures, but they should frankly be confiscated at boarding time. And yes, enjoying a city’s local flavors is one of the top reasons to travel in the first place, but do you really need to tuck into a plate of barbecue on your way back from Texas? While you’re blissfully enjoying those mouthwatering ribs, your plane-mates will be lamenting that you didn’t bring enough to share with everyone.

Every passenger has unique pet peeves when it comes to foods on a plane — seat 17A might be appalled by the smell of egg salad a few rows ahead, while 17C hasn’t even noticed. But we’ve all had at least one horrid experience and there are some foods that should just be off limits in enclosed spaces.