Foods You Can Cook Naked

Staff Writer
Looking to experiment in the buff? Try these nudity-safe dishes

If you've been daring or free-spirited enough to try cooking in the nude, then you've most likely come across a few obstacles. To name a few, splattering oil, sputtering tomato sauce, and spicy chiles. However, for those of you looking to connect with your food and body on a deeper level, there are many dishes that you can (safely) make in your birthday suit. 



As long as you're not squeezing lemon juice -- that can quickly sting exposed cuts and crevices. It's probably safe to stick with a Balsamic vinegar or other vinegars as your source of acid for the dressing. 



Topping them with some cheese, diced tomatoes, or vegetables is a safe bet. But please be sure to follow ordinary safety precautions while toasting the bread slices (we don't want any burned body parts). 


Roasted Vegetables

After slicing these healthy and hearty vegetables, tossing them together with a silky coating of oil, a generous amount of herbs and seasonings can be a revitalizing experience. Feeling the cool, slippery strands of onions slipping through your fingers and intermingling them with knobby pieces of carrot and squash will forever forge a bond between you and root vegetables. 



After the mixing is done, 

If we've missed any of your go-to dishes, then please share with your fellow cooks!