Foods That Should Be Banned from Public Transit

Don’t be 'that guy' and bring these gross foods onto any bus, train,or subway
Don't Eat That Here!

Don’t be rude to your fellow travelers!

Here's the thing: we understand that everyone is busy these days and sometimes, the only free second you have to grab a bite is during the commute to and from work. Really, that's okay. We wish you'd make the time for yourself to sit down at the table for an enjoyable, slow meal, but we're realists here. It's just not possible for everyone. Even keeping in mind that life moves fast and people with it, there are still some unwritten rules about eating while commuting that every transit rider should follow.

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First things first: get rid of your trash. Say you eat a burger on the train to work but really can't deal with the pickle that's on your sandwich. Don't even think about tossing that pickle on the floor. Trash, especially food waste, invites rats. That pickle — or any other food trash you might inadvertently leave on the floor or surreptitiously stuff under the seat — will draw nasty vermin to the train. Who wants to ride with rats? No one. Ever.

Second, think about the people around you. It may seem obvious, but sometimes when it comes to food, we are blind to others’ needs. Public transportation departments are trying to make the ride easier for everyone these days, enforcing selected quiet cars and really striving to make everyone comfortable. You need to do your part, too. So while those potato chips might be really salty and delicious — they may hit the spot just right — your crunching might be driving someone bananas.

And third, watch out for strong smells. Some people may have an extra sensitive sense of smell. And some foods are just naturally more pungent than others. Take a second and think about the smell before peeling that hard-boiled egg or unwrapping that fish sandwich. In case you’re still unsure, we’ve compiled a list of foods that should be banned from public transit for life. Trust us, it is for the good of everyone involved.

Tuna Fish Sandwiches

Tuna smells, the end. There is no debate about it. But if you combine it with mayo, celery, and perhaps onions, you will smell, too. Bad. And if it’s particularly warm out? Please. Leave the tuna at home.

Ice Cream Cones


On a hot day, eating an ice cream cone on a stuffy bus might seem like a great idea. Until it starts to melt. And dribble. And drip. That good idea quickly turns into a bad idea.