America's 20 Most Gluttonous Cities

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America's 20 Most Gluttonous Cities

What does it take to be one of the most gluttonous cities in the nation? A combination of factors, actually. Being gluttonous is not solely about being overweight, although obesity rates certainly come into play. Furthermore, gluttony is about the quantity of food available to a certain population, and the kind of food that is available to them.

We're talking about the cities that take food consumption to another level, the ones that have a McDonald's, next to a 7-Eleven, plus a discount supermarket (which has a Dunkin' Donuts Express inside) on a single block. 

So how did we come to this list of cities? We cited the most recent reports from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Census Department, and the Center for Disease Control on the number of grocery stores and supermarkets per-capita, the number of fast food establishments, the number of full-service restaurants, and rates of obesity. We weighed this data against similar research compiled by private research firms, such as Pinpoint Demographics, and arrived at the top 20 cities. 


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