Food Sickens Millions Each Year and More News

In today's Media Mix, Wendy's gets a new look, plus chocolate lovers win Nobel Prizes
Arthur Bovino

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

New Food Safety Stats: Forty-eight million Americans get sick every year from food, say new FDA stats, even as third-party auditors give the OK for certain foods. [Businessweek]

Wendy's Premieres New Logo: The red-headed Wendy is getting her first makeover since 1983. [USA Today]

Chocolate Consumption = Nobel Peace Prize: A study showing a correlation between chocolate consumption and Nobel Prizes (yes, really) highlights the brain power of chocolate. [Huffington Post]

Fast-Food Chains Aim for Casual Eateries: Taco Bell and Arby's are trying to replicate the success of more upscale fast-food chains, like Chipotle and Panera. [WSJ]


Bar Removes Offensive Urinals: A French restaurant is taking out the urinals shaped like a woman's lips, for obvious reasons. [Daily Mail]