Food Royalty: Q&A With Cedric Vongerichten

What is your favorite memory of cooking with your father?

My favorite memory of cooking with my father was about 12 years ago, in the south of France. We were roasting a whole Sea Bream on a bed of local vegetables, tomatoes, black olives, artichokes, and lemon, for our family.


How has your approach to cooking been influenced by your father?

My approach to cooking has been influenced by my father: always using the best and freshest products, and the use of spices and acidity to balance a perfect dish.


How does your culinary philosophy differ from your father's?

My culinary philosophy is very similar to my father's. The only difference is that I like to use more Mediterranean flavors than him.


What is your father's favorite dish that you cook?

Butter poached lobster, potato garlic ravioli, ginger lemongrass broth, and Espelette oil. It is on the menu at Perry St.


What is your favorite dish that your father cooks?

Turbot with Chateau-Chalon Sauce, served at Jean Georges, uptown.


Are there any recipes for dishes that your father won't tell you the secrets to?

No, he tells me everything, and taught me so much.


Are there any recipes from your father that you've tried to cook that you cannot quite make the same way?

The Chateau-Chalon sauce. He is the only one to hit the perfect balance of that sauce.


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