Food Rap of the Week: Ribs-Rendition of 'Rack City'

Courtesy of former NFL-er Anthony 'Spice' Adams, watch this amazing 'Rack City' remake about ribs and barbecue sauce

Anthony 'Spice' Adams parodies 'Rack City' as 'Slab City.'

Sure grilling season is almost over, but that doesn't mean you have to stop making ribs. So this video from former NFL player Anthony "Spice" Adams comes at the perfect time — we're not over grilling, and we still want ribs.

Here, Adams does a food porn-y rendition of Tyga's "Rack City," renaming the strip club staple "Slab City" and replacing grinding girls with shots of spice rubs, ribs, and marinades. There's red-tinted shots of him in his kitchen with his sous chef (we presume), dripping piles of slabs grilling, Adams eating barbecue sauce out of the jar, dripping sauce on the car, and walking the boulevard. (See what we did there?)

Listen, jam out to this totally-safe-for-work (he is shirtless sometimes, but there's an apron) musuic video, then go make yourself some ribs. Sample lyrics: "Soak them all night yeah that's how I'm prepping it/ Gonna be too good, I ain't selling it/ barbecue don't be fresher than a peppermint/ Dave's marinade last night killin' it / honey mustard, honey mustard yeah we eatin' it."

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