Food of the Day: Flambéed crêpes with Mandarine Napoleon in Brussels

Staff Writer
Today’s food of the day is sweet crêpes drenched in Mandarine Napoleon citrus liqueur
Elsa Säätelä

Crêpes flambéed at Aux Armes De Bruxelles' "flambéing station."

Located in the heart of historic Brussels, the Aux Armes de Bruxelles brasserie has been serving traditional Belgian dishes since 1921, and their flambéed crepes definitely stand out from the rest. These mouthwatering crêpes are flambéed right in front of diners' eyes, as little a "flambéing station" is positioned in the middle of the main dining room of the restaurant. 

Formally dressed in suits and ties, the all-male waitstaff both prepares and serves guests the crêpes in a very serious manner, making it feel somewhat comically over-the-top. But this pomp and circumstance is part of the charm of Aux Armes De Bruxelles, and once the nicely folded crêpe, drenched in the citrusy Mandarine Napoleon liqueur, is placed in front of you, and a bite of this boozy sweetness hits your taste buds, you know that this place is a must-go for anyone visiting Brussels.

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