Food Of The Day: Apple Cider Doughnuts

I can remember the morning as if it was yesterday: It was early for us to all be awake, but I could feel the excitement through people's voices, giggles, and footsteps.

My dorm-mates and I gathered outside where our advisor pulled up in a small yellow school bus. As he opened the door we rushed inside and began chattering, forgetting about the endless amounts of work that would be left for us to do later that afternoon. A while later, we arrived at Lyman Orchard's where we went apple picking and visiting their local market.

Apple picking was fun, but the best part of the whole day was the market. As soon as you stepped inside you heard the hustle and bustle of people with their children buying all sorts of goods. If there was a scent for fall, this would be it: sweet, savory, with a hint of fresh baked bread and other pastries. From Tate's Cookies to Blueberry Pie, this place had absolutely everything I could wish for.

Me and my friends all bought our own individual box of apple cider doughnuts and pint of apple cider, gathered outside, and sat on the benches blissfully enjoying these treats.  The homemade doughnuts melted in my mouth, and even the smallest bite lead to a mess of crumbles. Tossed in sugar and cinnamon, the doughnuts slipped down my throat like silk — softly and smoothly — with each sip of apple cider. 

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