Food Markets And Hotel Kitchen Pairings

There are few better ways to experience a new city than through its markets. Markets offer a glimpse into a place's food culture that you can't always get in a restaurant; a window into how a city's residents eat and shop for food in their everyday lives.

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Unfortunately, as tourists we're often limited to the role of onlooker, a tortuous position to be in in the midst of a wide variety of tantalizing tastes, sights, and smells. Sure, you can make a delightful picnic from the delicate strawberries and stinky cheeses at the Bastille Open-Air Food Market in Paris, but you won't be able to show off your Escoffier cooking techniques with proper French ingredients. And unless you've figured out a way to gut a fish on top of a hotel minibar, the fresh seafood at the Tsukiji Market in Tokyo will remain painfully out of reach.

Fortunately, if you want to cook while traveling there's no need to navigate the foreign apartment rental market or pack a hot plate in your luggage. Though few and far between, an increasing number of hotels around the world are equipped with kitchens designed to make the foreign culinarian feel at home.

The Daily Meal has searched far and wide to create a list of hotels with kitchens near the greatest markets in the world. Most of these kitchen-equipped hotel rooms even include cooking utensils, but if you're planning on doing some serious cooking while abroad, it may be wise to pack a few of your favorite essential tools in your checked luggage to make your culinary tour that much more enjoyable.

Hotels with kitchens present a unique opportunity to combine the convenience of hotel accommodations with the experience of eating your way through the food scene like a local. With this list in hand, you'll be ready to pack your chef's knife and go taste what the world's best markets have to offer.