Food-Inspired Must-Haves

Selective picks for decorating and accessorizing with food and dining essentials

Screen-printed, eco-friendly dinner napkins are just one item in this food-inspired list.

Well, it’s time for another round. For those of you who caught our last piece, Dining Décor (the first installment), we’re back now with more and better options for food-focused decorating.

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With food permeating so many aspects of our culture, the resources for culinary-related finds are ample; not to mention the time spent resourcing is giddily fun. Dining-inspired items are seeping their way into almost everything, beyond just the realm of house decorating and into clothing, accessories, and kitchen and tech gadgets. From art and add-ons to trinkets and furnishings, the realm of food décor is only growing, and it is my pleasure to highlight even more unique and intriguing finds.

It’s no surprise that Etsy is still the dominating dining-décor world. The collaborative online market not only houses tons of food-obsessed creators, posting everything from handmade items to acquired objects, but acts as a haven for ideas and social sharing. With Pinterest following close behind, and the sense of intrigue that comes from discovering these random finds, the surplus of food-related treats is only growing.