Food Inspired Manicures for Every Taste

9 Ideas for Hands-On Flavor

Your hands control the look of your food, so why not let your food control the look of your hands for a change?

9 Ideas for Hands-On Flavor Slideshow

Have you ever gone it for a manicure and just stared at the countless choices of nail colors, unable to decide on one shade? You’ve already done blue…and red… and everything else. Break away from the conventional pastel pink or French manicure and dare to try something much more adventurous…and delicious. Whether you prefer sweet or savory, we’ve provided 9 delectable ideas for food-inspired nail looks, from loaded burgers to cupcakes with a cherry on top, that will grab the attention of both your friends and your appetite.


Also, each of these ideas is moderately simple and doable, even if you’re not a precise artist. All you need is some focus, patience, and perhaps a little resistance to you aren’t tempted to eat your own nails. Now follow your taste buds and incorporate your favorite flavor into your fashion sense!