‘Food Huggers’ Keep Leftover Fruits and Vegetables Fresh

Hug your food with this gadget that will keep them fresh for longer

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Lengthen the life of your food with Food Huggers, a round, rubbery instrument that hugs your chopped fruits and vegetables to prevent them from spoiling. Just push your chopped fruit or vegetable downward-facing through the rim of the Food Hugger, and it will stretch and seal itself around your produce. Its tight fit is designed to keep aromas and moisture in and bacteria out.

To fit those odd-shaped fruits and vegetables, Food Huggers come in different shapes and sizes, including an avocado shape. And, so that the color of your produce matches its hugger, you can choose from four different color palettes: Fresh Greens, Autumn Harvest, Bright Berry, and Juicy Citrus. But don’t think Food Huggers are limited to fruits and vegetables. They also work as lids for canned foods.

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Funded on Kickstarter, Food Huggers has exceeded its original goal of $26,000 with over $170,000 donations.