Food of the Day: Vietnamese Iced Coffee in Cambodia

This restaurant holds the secret to the best coffee I’ve ever had

This coffee is the first and most important thing that I remember from Cambodia.

Forger Italian cappuccinos or small-batch cold-brew coffees in Brooklyn, New York. I have found the best coffee in the entire world (well, according to me, that is), at the most unexpected of all places: Smile Restaurant in Kampong Cham, Cambodia. 

One can only imagine the heat and humidity of Cambodia in the summer. Let me put it this way: it’s unbearable to say the least. 

But going to this restaurant for a nice chilled glass of this coffee got me through the day. The golden brown coffee was served in a tall, lean, glass. I could smell the sweetness and distinct taste of the coffee as I gave the drink a swirl. 

Although all coffee beans are different throughout the world, what makes this coffee special is that the restaurant uses condensed milk in place of cream. It gives it that luscious, creamy texture similar to thick glaze or melted chocolate (the coffee went down my throat like silk). And after one glass, I couldn’t help but ask for another one.


I don’t know why using condensed milk hasn’t become a widely spread trend in coffee-shops, but I suppose it’s what makes Vietnamese coffee so special. And though the coffee here in New York is good, nothing beats getting one from Smile.