Food Of The Day: Pan-Fried "Muikku" In Helsinki

Although eating inherently provides an ephemeral experience, photos (fortunately) help us capture an otherwise fleeting moment. Here at the Travel channel, we're (re)jump-starting our Travel Photo of the Day feature to share our own best food and travel memories and we want your help!

I'm starting out by sharing a travel memory from my homecountry Finland: Fried "muikku." This crunchy treat of pan-fried Finnish vendace, is a traditional snack sold at market places and festivals in Finland. The tiny little fish are lightly breaded, fried until crisp, and eaten whole.  Though the thought of eating a whole fish — bones, head, and tail — might sound unappetizing, a fried "muikku" has only a mild fishy taste, adn a nice salty crunch. The secret to a good, satisfying, batch of "muikku" lies in the use of real butter — and lots of it. The market square at Helsinki's south harbor offers some of the best "muikku" I have tried — just look out for hungry sea gulls trying to steal your treat. 

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