Food Commercials That Will Change Your Life

Check out these “aww” worthy commercials
Youtube/Honey Maid

Don’t miss these adorable commercials.

Commercials are really works of art when you think about it. In less than three minutes, a director must tell a story and sell a product. In those precious moments, you get an idea of the values a company holds, and this is particularly true in the food industry.

There are the commercials that make us laugh, the ones that are so punchy and witty that their quips translate into real life. There are the commercials that make us think, the ones that deliver a powerful message in a small amount of time. And then there are the commercials that manage to warm our hearts and make us cry.

These commercials fall into the third category. Whether they are all about family or the animals you love, they tug at the heartstrings in the best way.

Honey Maid Wholesome Commercial

In this touching commercial, we see families that represent a more modern America, which beautifully states how every family is a “wholesome” one.

Gum Commercial

Well, grab the tissues. This adorable commercial chronicles a little girl’s journey to college and the importance of quality time with a crafty dad.

Budweiser Clydesdale Commercial
After watching this, you’ll know that nothing can come between a man and his Clydesdale.

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