Food Blog Chain: Ideas in Food

Gobbling up the internet one food blog at a time.
The fourth link of the Food Blog Chain: Ideas in Food to The Amateur Gourmet.
Ideas in Food and The Amateur Gourmet.

The fourth link of the Food Blog Chain: Ideas in Food to The Amateur Gourmet.

You're on your favorite food blog, you scan the side and there's the list: "Recommended Sites," "Links," or just, "Blogroll." But why did those sites make the cut? Many links even go to dead sites — sometimes these ghosts of internets past just resemble a sad graveyard of quid pro quo. Who does everyone really read?

To find out, The Daily Meal has launched the Food Blog Chain, a feature inspired by Grub Street's Food Chain. Each installment asks a food blogger to name another food site he or she follows regularly. Blogger, critic, chef, everyone can play. They answer two questions that say a lot about the food blogosphere. What recent post on that site caught your eye? And does it have a feature you wish you'd thought of?

In the Food Blog Chain's last installment, FoodPlayerLinda of Playing With Fire and Water said Ideas in Food by Chefs Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot was the site she reads regularly. (Check out Ideas in Food's recipe for Butternut Squash Cavatelli with Grilled Mushrooms en Papillotte.) In turn, Ideas in Food singled out The Amateur Gourmet by Adam Roberts...


Which food website do you read regularly and does it have a feature that you wish you had thought of?
Adam’s blog is one of the very first ones we found when we began looking into the idea of creating our own blog. We enjoy the fact that he approaches food from a totally different angle than we do as professional chefs. From the very beginning he wove music and video into what he was doing and that, especially the video angle, is something that we’ve talked about expanding on Ideas in Food but never made the time to pursue.


Which post did you find of particular interest recently?
The overriding theme on The Amateur Gourmet is enthusiasm. Everything he writes about he tackles with gusto. Even though he no longer qualifies as an amateur, as his recent post on The Question of Char proves, he embraces discussion, while clearly outlining and sticking to his position—in this case char is a good thing.  He paints an entertaining picture of the conversations that took place over pizza and bounces from Adam Kuban to Jeffrey Steingarten and Molly Wizenberg to make his case.


Tune in next time to find out who Adam names...