Food And Drink Museum May Open In New York City

Looks like Japan's ramen museum may have a twice-removed cousin in New York City; an entrepreneur is looking to open up the Museum of Food and Drink, where learning and eating go hand in hand.

The executive director, Peter Kim, hopes the museum will be educational, teaching visitors about the history of food and the food of different cultures. (Kim uses the oft-repeated belief that "food is culture," DNAInfo reports.)

Possible themes include caveman food, food from ancient Rome, New York cuisine from the early 1800s, fad diets, and space food, all of which actually sound amazing.

Apparently, Kim pitched the project to Upper West Side's Community Board 7 last week. Whether or not it'll end up close to the Museum of Natural History (imagine: Dinosaurs in the morning, ancient Greek food for lunch) has yet to be seen.