Fly From NYC to London in 3 Hours Courtesy of $80M Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet


If you're bored with your private jet, try kicking it up a notch with a supersonic version. For $80M you can get to that corporate meeting in half the time your traditional jet will get you there (at around Mach 1.6, which is around 1,060mph), all thanks to the start-up company Spike Aerospace.


Founded by a small team (with years of experience at Gulfstream, Eclipse and Airbus), Spike spent the past couple years designing their 12-18 passenger S-512 aircraft. Being able to fly that fast means you can fit more into your schedule, which is pretty important for jetsetters who often have really tight business plans that rarely allow for any leisure time.


You could fly from New York to London in only three hours, Los Angeles to Toyko in five, and London to Mumbai in just four — all of which essentially shave off 50 percent of the traditional flight time.

According to Spike, commercial airlines usually soar at .85 Mach, which is around 567mph, but their 131-foot supersonic jet flies between Mach 1.6 and 1.8 (that's up to 1,200mph). They're expecting their first group of customers will be businesses needing to manage global affairs more quickly and efficiently, though they hope that in time, this technology will be available to everyone.

Priced between $60M and $80M, you can reserve a Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet for a December 2018 delivery and if you need a hand trying it out, I would be happy to volunteer.