Fluff Up Your Party with Cotton Candy

Celebrate National Cotton Candy Day with these ideas

The possibilities are endless with this little pink puff of sugar.

While we’re used to seeing cotton candy at carnivals, boardwalks, and at the circus, the spun-sugar dessert doesn't have to be confined to the fairgrounds. Originally dubbed fairy floss because of its ethereal appearance, cotton candy can be used as the main attraction of your party or event, showing up in a cocktail, a dish, or even as a favors.

While the pink cloud-like treat is a children's fan favorite for its sugary taste and visual appeal, it’s also very easy to make it adult-friendly by infusing it in cocktails. Or do something completely unexpected by taking cotton candy to the savory side and adding a smoky bacon flavor. 

Prepare to be amazed with these cotton candy-infused ideas for your next bash! 

As a Centerpiece: The whimsical treat can be transformed into an enchanting blossom as guests arrive. 

Bacon Flavored-Cotton Candy 

• A little more subtle, bacon sitting on "Maple cotton candy clouds"

Green-Apple Flavored Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Martinis  

Cotton Candy Cosmos: Carrie Bradshaw would be proud. 


Cotton Candy Salad (not really an appetizer, more like sweet stuff mixed together) 

Cotton-Candy Flavored Ice Cream

• Cotton Candy Spun Onto Peppermint Sticks (instead of paper sticks) 

• Cotton Candy Cupcakes (put some cotton candy on top of the cupcake, and there is even a cotton candy-flavored frosting)

Cotton Candy Infused with Pop Rocks

• Cotton Candy Macaroons 

• Cotton-Candy Flavored Bubble Gum (from Bubbly Yum)

• Cotton Candy wrapped in plastic: "Love is Sweet, Enjoy a Treat

• Cotton Candy Push Pops

• Cotton Candy Meringues