Floating Seastead City Offers Alternative Social System


For those of you who are growing increasingly frustrated with the government, you've probably already heard of "seasteading," — which is to live in a city floating offshore and away from any land-based jurisdiction. The idea essentially allows anyone to avoid politics all together, including taxes, and gives them the opportunity to create their own rule set to live by. Though the idea isn't entirely new, the Seasteading Institute is getting closer and closer to making it a reality.


Partly established by PayPal founder Peter Thiel, the Seasteading Institute's ambition is for the seasteads to "guarantee political freedom and thus enable experimentation with alternative social systems." According to the Independent, the development is planning on housing 225 permanent residents and 50 hotel guests. The design will essentially be interlocking boxes that allow for organic growth, allowing one to dismantle or shift them. The platforms mean that if you get in a nasty spat with your neighbor, you can have your home simply towed elsewhere.

The homes will all have terraces that give sea views, which shouldn't be that hard to execute considering you're living in a floating city. Electricity will be attained through solar energy and water for drinking and bathing will be sourced from rainwater. If you get sick (or are just tired of sea life), not to worry, because a helipad will be able to transport you to land.

For safety reasons, the initial plans may be to anchor the city inside the territorial limits of a "host" country. The institute is apparently chatting with up to five governments and is hoping to have the choice made in 2014, with residents moving in by the end of the decade.