Floating Florida Restaurant Sinks

Palm Beach Island catamaran succumbed to Hurricane Sandy

Gourmet Galley, a Peanut Island favorite of the boaters and swimmers in Palm Beach County, Fla., has been decimated by Hurricane Sandy. The floating hamburger restaurant was housed inside a catamaran that doubled as owner Kathleen Lonsway's home, making the loss that much more devastating.

After purchasing the Aqua Lodge cruiser, Lonsway converted the living room into a kitchen, which quickly became known for its burgers. Boats would drop anchor nearby and the passengers would hop aboard, while the boatless worked for their meals with breast strokes and doggy paddles.

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While Lonsway was able to recover some pieces of the vessel, by the time she arrived at the docks on Friday all that could be seen of her mobile home business was the roof. Unfortunately, insurance was a premium Lonsway could not afford, so the future of Gourmet Galley is very much up in the air. With any luck, people will have access to Lonsway's beefy grilled burgers again.