More People Getting Wasted on Flavored Vodka Than Tequila

If a bar were high school, the popular kids would be whipped cream vodka

Heavy partiers seem to be opting for marshmallow vodka instead of tequila shots these days, as data company Restaurant Sciences reports that flavored vodkas are on the rise, while rum and tequila are falling out of favor. Really guys?

According to data from 25 million drink orders in the United States, flavored vodkas won 3.04 percent of the market share gains; digestifs only got 1.48 percent and Irish whiskey won .98 percent.

On the other side of the scale, rum lost 3.89 percent, gin lost 2.60 percent, and tequila lost 2.28 percent. "Our 2012 data shows that consumers moved away from traditional spirit staples such as rum, tequila, and gin and looked to lesser known digestifs, blended whiskeys, and flavored vodkas and rums," Chuck Ellis, Restaurant Sciences president, said in a press release.

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So all those ridiculous flavored vodkas of 2012? People actually order them. A proper gin and tonic, though, not so much. We can chalk it up to people trying to be adventurous and experimenting with unknown territory, but you know it's just people trying to get wasted.