Flava Flav Set To Open Chicken Restaurant

Maybe second time's the charm for the rapper and reality TV star Flava Flav (aka William Drayton Jr.)? Less than one year after closing his fried chicken restaurant in Clinton, Iowa, he is set to open a similar restaurant, this time in Las Vegas.

According to Vegas Inc., the House of Flavor Restaurant will open March 15 on Maryland Parkway. Flav's newest venture will feature fried-up fare, like fried chicken and fried shrimp, with some specialties (i.e. red velvet waffles). The soul food-style restaurant promises "celebrity-centric Las Vegas takeout," says a press release sent to the the Las Vegas Fox affiliate.

Flava Flav's first attempt in the restaurant business, Flav's Fried Chicken, closed after only four months in business after he claimed he was "disgusted" by restaurant manager Nick Cimino's practices. Case in point: Flava Flav claimed he found potato salad that had expired two months prior, plus employees' pay checks were bouncing (which Cimino blamed on a glitch in the credit card system). This time around, the restaurant will be completely owned and operated by Flav, who has a culinary degree and previous restaurant experience. Perhaps Colonel Sanders really should watch his back.