Flash Back to the '80s at The Venetian's Bourbon Room

Big hair, bourbon and Bartles & Jaymes are included in this 'Rock of Ages'-inspired lounge
Shaena Engle

The Bourbon Room

What once was the tranquil La Scena Lounge at the Venetian Las Vegas is now the head-banging 80's inspired Bourbon Room.

When the "Rock of Ages" musical replaced The Blue Man Group, it also brought the '80s back with it in a big way.

Modeled after the bar in both the "Rock of Ages" movie and stage show, the lounge offers guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmosphere and music of the 1980's. But don't think you'll get Duran Duran, pastel jackets and loafers sans socks here; it's teased hair, leather pants and heavy metal music all the way.

Flat screen TV’s, concert style speakers, theatrical lighting and 80's imagery are all housed in The Bourbon Room. Live dancers, servers and VJ's decked out in lots of spandex, ripped T-shirts, lace and leather keep the atmosphere radical.

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The bar also offers blasts from the past with three single barrel signature blended bourbons and a variety of Bartles & Jaymes flavored wine coolers.