The Five Coolest Treats for Your Valentine

The Five Coolest Treats for Your Valentine


February 14th is the day that gives you license to indulge in high quality chocolate! And with the current renaissance of independent chocolatiers specializing in small batches and innovative flavor combinations, there has never been a better time to be a Cool Foods chocolate lover. Choosing organic, fair trade chocolate lets you show your love for the earth, the hardworking people who grew those precious cocoa beans, and, of course, for your special someone.


Not a chocolate lover, but still want to give sweets to your sweetie? Seek out candies made with cane sugar. A staggering 95% of sugar beets grown in this country are now “Roundup Ready.” This means that (since 2008) most sugar beets come equipped with a gene that allows them to withstand unlimited doses of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide. This may be a sweet deal for Monsanto, but if you care about your sweetie and the environment? Not so much.


What about honey for your honey? Local honey makes a special gift and is a pure way to say “Bee Mine.” Unfortunately, there is a shocking degree of fraud in the international honey trade, (much of the honey coming from China, for instance, is tainted with potentially dangerous antibiotics).Knowing and trusting your producer is a must for honey-lovers everywhere.


Speaking of those busy, little pollinators, how about organic flowers for your beloved? But if you’re not going to eat them, why seek out organic? Recent evidence suggests that chemicals are taking their toll on our vitally important pollinators. Organic flowers skip the chemical cocktails and still look as beautiful as Mother Nature intended. By choosing organic, your Valentine’s Day is truly celebrating “the birds and the bees.”


Setting the table for true Romance? Make a delicious and memorable dinner for your loved one(s) using fresh, local, and seasonal organic ingredients. Check out our special Cool Foods Campaign Pinterest boards for inspiration that will set hearts-a-fluttering.