First Look at Warehouse in Charleston

Check out this new 'elevated neighborhood bar'

Charleston's newest bar, Warehouse.

It takes a lot to get Charleston buzzing about a new bar, and Warehouse has done it. The anticipated opening of Warehouse, by co-owner James Groetzinger and chef Eva Keilty, has everyone talking about the newest addition to Spring Street. 

Eater reports this "elevated neighborhood bar" has just about everything you need: "fancy bar food, which meant Memphis-style confit wings and pork rinds with pimento cheese, as promised. The soft opening menu also contained lamb meatballs, deviled eggs topped with fried oysters and a trotter and shrimp spring roll... or liquids, the bartenders (dressed simply in black, on the off chance anyone cares) were shaking up a few special cocktails, like a shandy, a vodka/berry/ginger drink and a martini with a caper berry at the bottom of their stemless glasses. Of course, there was also wine, local beer, like Westbrook..." 


The bar officially opens on July 1, according the bar's Facebook page.